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What is "Business Bytes?"

by Evan Beecham on 03/25/17

Business and occupations can come with unique challenges, and they also can play on people's insecurities as well. When our identities are wrapped up in what we do (as defining who we are) then our success and failures become our gauge as to whether we are good enough or not. We can feel successful today, and a failure tomorrow And you can rest assured that your failure will leave a much greater and lasting impact than even your successes. Anytime our identity is in what we do, instead of who we are, then we must "do" more and better just to be acceptable... In the eyes of others which translates to what we think God thinks of us. After all we have created a false identity which will carry over into our perceived view of God and what we think He thinks of us.

Society, including many many Christians determine who you are by what you do. If your not sure about this, then just listen next time someone introduces themselves to you, the first question most of us ask is "what do you do?" Or "what line of work are you in?"  This ultimately leads to frustration every time, because what you do, is not who you are...who you are is defined by God, not your business or occupation, or anything you "do" for that matter. Hopefully your business or occupation is just a by product of the passion God has placed within you, so that you can live your dream, or passion.

Business Bytes is a series of ongoing short audio/videos designed to encourage and inspire people to live their passion, through discovering who they really are. Once this is unveiled then it will never be "business as usual" again, but a life of true security and success. Business Bytes is companion teaching to my new book; Grace~Full Business Devotional. "A refreshing approach to business and occupational success through the gospel of grace."

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