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Evan Beecham Copyright 2017
A long-time advocate for consumer safety, Northeast Colorado native Evan Beecham has spent his lifetime ensuring his community is protected and secured from the unknown. As a former law enforcement captain turned financial services professional, Evan has held true to his commitment to “serve and protect” and for the last twenty three years has concentrated on the “financial safety” of the clients he works with. Evan is also pastor of Grace Without Measure Ministries, and the ministry online presence reaches over 120 countries around the world. Evan has also been in ministry for over 34 years as a law enforcement chaplain, pastor, teacher and author. Evan started his business in 1993 and having been involved in law enforcement, ministry and business has experienced first hand the frustrations people face in just trying to find their passion and living a successful fulfilled life experiencing God's blessing in whatever their occupation.

In 2008 Evan experienced what he calls “the most transforming experience of his life,” bringing him the greatest peace and rest he had ever experienced. That journey led him to writing this book, to unfold a journey in the lives of people everywhere, teaching them how to experience God's unconditional love and grace in their everyday businesses and occupations. He has said that “just living from day to day without understanding God's love and amazing grace causes unrest, however discovering this truth helps people live their God given passion with creativity, confidence, great joy and the rest promised in Hebrews 3 & 4.”

Evan says “everyone faces challenging times in their life, but the only way to make it through without beating yourself up and getting depressed is to understand the truth of the gospel, the incredible love God has for you, then every part of life's journey becomes an exciting adventure knowing you are taking this journey together with Him as one.”

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